Friday, October 3, 2008

Who is The Observer

Is this an Alien, a Government Organization, or something in between? What is the cone? What were those weapons shooting? Some have suggested, that the observer is writing in a language called Minoan, an ancient Greek language. Could this be an Atlantean? This episode left us with many, MANY more questions then answers. What were some of your observations and what questions do you have after watching this episode?


K.C. Houston said...

The purpose of the observer is to effect the outcome of the event in the pattern. (observer effect)
In other words, What impact does observation makes on what is being observed. There have been several references to Star Trek. Please refer to the 87th episode of Star Trek: Enterprise "Observer Effect"
It is my theory that the observer's only purpose is to observe and by his observation of a "pattern" event it alters the event to a positive event rather than a negative event. Thus benefiting mankind somehow.

DJTuMBOPR said...

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